Tournament Rules
1. FIFA RULES, as modified by CYSA, and as further modified herein, will apply.

  • Good sportsmanship is expected of all players, coaches, managers, and fans. Coaches and managers are responsible for the conduct of their players, staff, parents, and affiliated spectators. The use of offensive, insulting, or abusive language will not be tolerated.


    • Both player and coach passes are required.  Acceptable player and coach credentials are current, laminated US Soccer Club player and coach passes or laminated 2021-2022 USYSA (CYSA) passes.  All players must present an original and fully completed US Club medical release form, or a CYSA 1601 form signed by parents or guardian.
  • TEAMS:
    • An official roster is required. Acceptable rosters: (1) a printed copy of the on-line US Club Soccer Player Roster, or (2) a Cal North (CYSA) golden rod.


  • Teams will be accepted based on prior results/records.
  • Teams’ placement in divisions and brackets are based on rankings and seeding as determined by the Tournament Director and the Tournament Committee.
  • Specific Division applications are not accepted.
  • Withdrawal due to disagreement with the placement will not entitle the team to any refund.
  • Adjacent age groups may be grouped in the same division.


  • Guest players will be allowed on any team attending the tournament to a total of 22 (15 for 9v9) tournament players. All guest players must have the proper credentials per section 3, above.
  • For each guest player, the team must present a valid Cal North (CYSA) guest player form (1611) or US Club player loan form.
  • Maximum number of guests allowed: 4 for 9v9 and 5 for 11v11.
  • Maximum players that may dress for any game is 18 (15 for 9v9).
  • Guest players must participate with a team in the same or higher classification as is indicated on his or her member pass. When participating at a higher classification, a player may jeopardize their eligibility for Cup play.


  • Tournament Check-in will be 1 hour prior to start of 1st game. 8am games will check in at approx. 7:00am


  • The team listed first on the schedule is the home team. If there is a conflict in team colors, as determined by the referee, the home team shall switch to an alternate jersey or alternate uniform pieces (socks included). Both teams shall set up on the same touchline as designated by the Field Marshal.
  • No spectators are allowed at the goal ends of the field.
  • If necessary, the designated home team shall supply the balls for each match unless provided by a sponsor.


  • Teams must be at the field thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the game in order to be checked in by the field marshals.
    • Start times may be delayed due to injuries, stoppage time by the referee or any other unavoidable problem.  
    • All games will start within five minutes of the scheduled time. If a team has not taken the field with a minimum of seven players (6 for 9v9) within the five-minute grace period, the game will be forfeited to the team in attendance with at least seven players. If neither team takes the field within the five-minute grace period, the game will be deemed a “bye,” and no points will be awarded to either team.
  • The referee and/or Tournament Director may terminate a game at his or her discretion and the Tournament Director may award a forfeit if:
    • a team leaves the field during the game without the approval of the referee;
    • a team is sent from the field by the referee for violent play and/or misconduct by a coach, player, or spectator;
    • a team is deemed to be in gross violation of US Club Soccer rules. If, in the opinion of the referee or the Tournament Director, a game must be terminated for the above reasons, the offending team may, at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director, be suspended from further play and forfeit all remaining games.  All previous points earned remain as played.


  • Play will proceed as specified below:
    • U9-U10(7v7):
      • ​​Preliminary games and Semifinals: 2x25 minutes.
      • Consolation and Championship:    2x25 minutes.
    • U11-u12:
      • Preliminary games and Semifinals: 2x25 minutes.
      • Consolation and Championship:    2x30 minutes.
    • U13-U15:
      • Preliminary games and Semifinals: 2x30 minutes.
      • Consolation and Championship:    2x35 minutes.
    • U16-U19
      • Preliminary games and Semifinals: 2x30 minutes.
      • Consolations and Championship    2x35 minutes​
  • Half time will be five (5) minutes. Injury time will NOT be added to the length of the game, except under extreme circumstances and at the sole discretion of the referee.
  • In preliminary games, ties will stand. If a championship, semifinal, or consolation game is tied at the end of regulation play, we will go straight to penalty kicks.
  • If the game is still tied at the completion of the overtime periods, the game will be decided by penalty kicks as per FIFA laws of the game. At the discretion of the Tournament Director, overtime periods may be shortened or eliminated if the game has been significantly delayed at the start. The length of any game may be shortened to shorter but equal halves if the referee or Tournament Director deems it necessary due to field conditions, weather, or darkness.


  • Free substitutions are allowed, but teams may substitute only at the following times (including overtime) and only with the referee’s permission:
  • Prior to a throw-in in your favor or in the opponent’s favor if it originated its own substitution
  • Prior to a goal kick by either team.
  • After a goal by either team.
  • After an injury to either team, when the referee stops play.
  • During half time.
  • A player who has received a yellow card may be immediately substituted.


  • Teams must be given a minimum rest period of two (2) hours between games. The rest period will commence when a team’s match ends and will end when the team’s subsequent match begins.​


  • A player receiving two yellow cards in a single game is considered as having received a red card.
  • A player given a red card (or two yellow cards) in one game shall be expelled from that game and shall not be replaced.
  • Any player, coach, assistant coach, or registered team official who is sent off or receives a red card will automatically be suspended from that team’s next game in the tournament. At the discretion of the Tournament Director, violent conduct or extreme abuse, dissent, or disrespect ejections may result in suspension from more than one game, up to the remainder of the tournament.


  • Teams shall be awarded points on the following basis, to a maximum of 10 points per game:
    • Six (6) points for each win
    • Three (3) points for each tie
    • Zero (0) points for a loss
    • One (1) point for each shut out
    • One (1) point for each goal, to a maximum of 3 per game
    • 0-0 tie is scored as 4 points (3 for the tie plus 1 for a shutout)
    • Nine (9) points to a team winning by forfeit (2-0)
    • Minus one (-1) point for each red card received by a player.
    • Minus two (-2) for each expulsion received by a coach, team official, or team-affiliated spectator.
  • OFFICIAL SCORES will be posted on the GotSoccer website
    • The field marshals will provide game cards to the referee prior to the start of the game. If requested, each team shall provide the marshal with a game card sticker containing the team’s roster just prior to pre-game check-in. Coaches should review game cards for accuracy at the match’s end and sign off on the card.​


  • In case of a tie in tournament points following the completion of preliminary games, the advancing team will be determined based on the following criteria in the order specified:
    • Head-to-Head competition – team that won the head-to-head competition between the teams that are tied will advance (should there be a tie in tournament points between three or more teams, the tie-breaking procedure begins with (b), below.)
    • When and if two teams remain tied at any point while using this procedure, the order of tie breaking will recommence at (a), above
    • Team with most Wins
    • Team with the highest goal differential advances (goals scored minus goals allowed, not to exceed a differential of 4 goals in anyone match)
    • Team with fewest goals allowed advances
    • Team with most goals scored advances (not to exceed 4 goals for any one match)
    • Team with fewest cautions or send-offs advances
    • Kicks from the penalty spot as per FIFA rules. The team with the most successful kicks advances.
    •  Coin toss by the Tournament Director or member of the Tournament Committee at Tournament Headquarters.​


  • A team trophy and individual medals will be given to each division champion. In five and six-team brackets, Medals will also be given to the division finalist. In eight or more teams divisions, in addition to the champion’s awards, a team award will be given to the finalist and 3rd place team


  • If deemed necessary by the Tournament Director, games may be shortened or cancelled due to weather conditions.


  • All players must wear shin guards. Players without shin guards may not play. Any injuries shall be reported to the Tournament Director or field marshal so that an accident report may be completed. In case of serious injury, 911 will be called if requested by the parent, coach, or referee. Tournament headquarters will be notified of any medical emergency.


  • Teams that withdraw from the tournament after, but before being accepted, will be assessed a $100 administrative fee.
  • If a team withdraws after the registration deadline or after it has been accepted, the complete registration fee will be forfeited.


  • Should the tournament be canceled due to inclement weather, acts of civil disobedience, war, destruction of facilities, or other circumstances deemed by the US Club Tournament Committee to be beyond the control of the hosting club, the tournament may retain up to 30% of the entry fee once the tournament’s expenses are verified and approved by the CYSA LYSL Tournament Committee. Any refunds will be postmarked and mailed to the teams within 45 days after the tournament date.


  • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is expressly prohibited at or near any of the tournament fields or complexes.
  • No dogs or pets of any kind are allowed.
  • No horns, bells, or noisemakers of any kind are allowed at or near the tournament fields or complexes at any time.
  • No rude, profane, or inappropriate behavior (at the discretion of tournament officials) is allowed. Any parent, spectator, coach, or player directing any inappropriate comments (at the discretion of the tournament officials) toward a referee or other tournament official will be asked to leave the tournament area, and that person’s team may be subject to penalties, and/or expulsion from the tournament.
  • Any team (including players, coaches, managers, parents and affiliated spectators) found violating these rules may (at the discretion of tournament officials) suffer penalties, forfeit all games played, face possible expulsion from the tournament, and may not be invited to any future tournaments hosted by LYSL
  • Use of tobacco products on the grounds of any public school facility is a violation of California State Law.


  • All game results will be considered final and no protest of their outcome is allowed.  The Tournament Director will settle all disputes and his or her decision shall be final.


  • The Tournament Director shall make decisions as appropriate for any situation that arises that is not covered by these rules. The Tournament Director’s decision will be final with no appeals allowed


Please contact Roy or Gabe with any questions in regards to the tournament!

Roy- 559-909-1813

Gabe- 559-970-6128

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